Materials for the bespoke guitars are selected together with the customer. I have several options for back and sides. For example, Indian Rosewood, Amazon Rosewood, Cocobolo, Madagascar Rosewood, Cypress, Maple, Ebony (Exotic Ebony), Padouk, Purpleheart, Ziricote…
By ordering, you can also get a lot of other options if you don´t find suitable from my stock. The plates can be industrially dried to be ready for use immediately.
For soundboards I have e.g. European spruce, Red Cedar, Engelmann Spruce, Sitka Spruce available.

I usually make a classic guitar neck from Cedar (Cedrela Odorata) or if necessary, from Mahogany. Steel string acoustic guitars often have a mahogany neck, but Cedar is also ok.
In steel string guitar neck I use a double action truss rod, but in classical guitar neck carbon fibre reinforcement.
If the customer so wishes, it is also possible to install an adjustable truss rod to a classical guitar.
The neck of a classical guitar is usually 50 or 52 mm wide at the nut, but of course it can be done exactly to the customer’s requirements, as well as the neck thickness. The string spacing at the nut is 8.8 / 52 mm, 8.6 / 50 mm and 11.8 mm in the bridge, but these are also customizable.
Classical guitars scale is traditionally 650 mm, in flamenco guitar 660 or 650 mm.


The basic price for the bespoke classical guitar is € 1200,00. The price includes a hard guitar case.
At this price the guitar soundboard is made from European spruce or Red Cedar, the sides and the back, e.g. Indian rosewood, maple or other kind of wood of the same quality and price. Neck cedar. Fingerboard ebony. Other options will be agreed separately. For example, Madagascar rosewood on the back and sides raises the price by about 100 €.
The tuning machines are, for example DJ or Gotoh. Of course, by ordering you can get all the tuners on the market, and the cost is then added to the basic price of the guitar. At the moment I have a few Baljak models (+300 €) available.